Doctors, Nurses & Hospitals…Oh, My!

We are on day eight of a hospitalization that has spanned two hospitals, multiple clinic and ER visits and started with my husband collapsing in Rite-Aid on Friday Dec 7th, followed by a emergency clinic appointment that sent us home with two prescription we had no money for. Saturday December 8th we were able to pick up the prescriptions thanks to a dear friend and yet by Monday he was worse not better, so a 911 call and ambulance ride later saw him admitted to our local hospital for a 3.5 day stay that included high powered antibiotics, a multiplicity of tests and a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, strep, and thrush. Interestingly enough they never treated the thrush (lied about that) although they administered steroids to decrease the swelling of his tongue and throat on days 3 and 4. He was discharged on day four without being able to eat anything except a clear liquid diet and 95% of his fluid intake being intravenous fluids. He was discharged without medication for blood sugar control or an anti-fungal just an antibiotic and liquid morophine 10mg every 3-4 hours and an admonition to get the next available clinic appointment. Thank God there was an available appointment or so I thought. The doctor prescribed metformin for the blood sugar, a glucose meter and magic mouthwash to go along with the previously prescribed Nyastatin, which by the way burned his mouth and throat so badly he couldn’t take it more that once a day and trying to swallow it caused vomiting. We headed back to the hospital to straighten out snafu with his discharge prescriptions and vouchers and managed to get them all filled before everything closed for the day.

  He was feeling so ill we went back to the ER to try for readmission and that was a fiasco. We finally went home and by noon the next day we were head to a hospital one county away and a one hour drive. It took from 1pm until 8pm for them to realize how severely dehydrated he was and for them to figure out his burning chest pains were from the untreated thrush migrating from the mouth and throat to the entire length of the esophagus at which point they decided to admit him and not only finish treating the strep, but also treat the thrush with, the intravenous anti-fungal, diflucan, continue treating the high blood sugar with insulin and control his skyrocketing blood pressure. we have been here four full days and his tongue and throat are 98% thrush free, but his esophagus is a bit slower. He is eating a soft diet and drinking enough fluid to prevent dehydration and has been since Sunday night. We fully expected to be discharged today, but there was a two county power grid failure yesterday so nuclear medicine is backed up and he needs part two of his chemical stress test.

So eleven days later I finally have the time to update here and tell you why I’ve not been posting.