Redeem Me; Revive Me; Give Me Life

Psalm 119:154″ Plead my cause and redeem me; revive me and give me life according to Your word.”(AMP)  This passage has  been the  cry of my heart since the day I chose to receive Christ as my Lord, Master and Savior. I am reminded of  a  beautiful song by Carman “Revive us oh Lord” and singing it  with hundreds at a concert at Great  America a theme park in Santa Clara, CA.  A dear friend received the Holy Spirit that night in the midst of all those people, his arm around my shoulders and tears streaming down his face he  was filled  with Joy and  renewed in his  faith.

Here are the Strong’s numbers to use with Brown, Briggs, Driver Hebrew Lexicon or the Gensenius Hebrew  Chaldee Lexicon. I challenge you to start studying with me each week.

Plead [H7378] (8798)

My Cause [H7379]

Redeem [H1350] (8798)

Revive /Give Life [H2421] (8761)

according to your Word [H565].

Online interlinear Bible

Psa  119:154 KJV Plead [H7378] (8798) my cause [H7379], and deliver [H1350] (8798) me: quicken [H2421] (8761) me according to thy word [H565].

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prayers are appreciated but sincere prayers are the ones that move mountains. “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16) We have to pray, especially in these situations, and we must pray in earnest. We have to strongly desire a result that produces what is needed. In this context, prayer is for another, especially for those with physical or spiritual weaknesses. The follow up verse describes how Elijah, who was a man like us, was able to pray and accomplish God’s purposes. He saw results because his prayer was effectual and fervent.  That kind of prayer “availeth much”. A fervent prayer is impassioned and an effectual prayer is sufficient to produce the desired result. Simply put, it’s effective, deeply felt and significantly internalized.

In other words, a prayer that availeth much, is one that has been effectual – the effectual part comes first! In this verse, we find that it’s also the prayer of a righteous man – one in right standing with the Father. One good way to get there is by having a pure heart, a pure life and a mindset that puts others first. In essence, when we pray with a right heart, with a passion for others, with a faith that is aflame, and with the assurance that God can and will supply the needs while  making necessary provisions – it is then that the prayer will avail much.

1 Thessalonians 5:11-17 New Living Translation (NLT)

I love this passage of scripture, it exemplifies everything I want to do and be as a follower of Christ. It reminds me to give respect to my leaders and all leaders in the Body of  Christ, getting to know them is the key. I know a woman who said she did not want to get to know her pastors outside of Church as it would be like going through their drawers and closets and then she would be unable to respect them. I was baffled as  have always wanted to know my leaders and be known by those I lead. Her approach is what I call a pedestal approach and if you put a man or woman on a pedestal they will eventual fall. A pedestal separates the leaders from those that  follow them and prevents the leader from teaching by the example of their life whether it be by their victories or failings. I did lead my friend to this very passage of scripture and I hope she has chosen to get to know her leaders. She knew me, but I wasn’t her pastor, although I was her children’s teacher and principal. I hope that I have made a difference in the lives of all I have come in contact with whether it be in person, online, as a friend, as a leader, or simple someone they struck up a conversation with somewhere out of boredom. I wish all who read here a blessed day, a bright future and the knowledge that there is a lifting up.

New Living Translation (NLT

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