An Excerpt from Joni Parsley/Daily Devotion

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prayers are appreciated but sincere prayers are the ones that move mountains. “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16) We have to pray, especially in these situations, and we must pray in earnest. We have to strongly desire a result that produces what is needed. In this context, prayer is for another, especially for those with physical or spiritual weaknesses. The follow up verse describes how Elijah, who was a man like us, was able to pray and accomplish God’s purposes. He saw results because his prayer was effectual and fervent.  That kind of prayer “availeth much”. A fervent prayer is impassioned and an effectual prayer is sufficient to produce the desired result. Simply put, it’s effective, deeply felt and significantly internalized.

In other words, a prayer that availeth much, is one that has been effectual – the effectual part comes first! In this verse, we find that it’s also the prayer of a righteous man – one in right standing with the Father. One good way to get there is by having a pure heart, a pure life and a mindset that puts others first. In essence, when we pray with a right heart, with a passion for others, with a faith that is aflame, and with the assurance that God can and will supply the needs while  making necessary provisions – it is then that the prayer will avail much.