Hello, my name is Kathryn and this is my  Bio.

 Educational Background:  I am working on a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  I love learning and therefore love school and the opportunity to learn new things and apply them in my daily life and work. The challenges I am currently facing are health and family related. The first challenge is that I have Lupus and Sjogrens, both are autoimmune disorders, both cause extreme joint and connective tissue pain along with indescribable fatigue and the medication I take daily often increases the Lupus brain fog and sleepiness. I also have a C-spine injury that happened in the spring of 2010, but was not diagnosed until July of that year, so the injury healed incorrectly and I need surgery to repair it. Besides my own health issues, I have been my mother’s primary caretaker since she had brain surgery in 2000, most days she is okay, but she requires constant supervision and often becomes confused.  My husband tries helps around the house as much as possible and is the one who encouraged me to finish my education.

 Professionally: I am currently on leave of absence for health reasons. I am an ordained minister with an independent non-denominational international ministry that plants churches and private Christian schools. I am a founding member of my home church and I have been the associate pastor for my home congregation since 1992.  I have worked as a non-credentialed Teaching-Principal and Site Administrator for two private Christian Schools from 1994 through 2012. I have taught in multi-grade classrooms and taught all grade levels K-12 at different times. I was on a committee that founded several private Christian schools and helped to reopen a rural private school that had closed when the original founder passed away. I have enjoyed providing an alternative choice to public school as well as being able to share my faith daily with my students and staff. I honestly believe I was born to preach and teach. It is my hope that by the time I finish the degree I am working on I will have had c-spine surgery, so that I can return to teaching as a special education teacher, initially in the Oregon public schools to fulfill my TEACH grant agreement and after that I would like to return to private education.

Personally:  I currently live in California with my husband and disabled mother. I have lived in California all 48 years of my life. I was born in Oakland, CA and have lived in the Alameda County, Stanislaus County, Mariposa County, Eastern Madera County, Merced County and in Calaveras County where I currently reside and have on and off since I was 18 years old. We live in a gated golfing community at 3000’ and enjoy snow in the late fall, winter and early spring. We will be moving to Sherwood Oregon in the spring of 2015, when my current contract expires. I love traveling and have been to Nova Scotia, Alberta and Saskatchewan Canada as well as Mexico, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. I met my husband while I was on a family vacation in Oregon in 2010. Books and music are the air I breathe. I like all types of music except for rap and most hip hop. I mostly read non-fiction and children’s fiction; most recently I have enjoyed Rick Riordan’s children’s fiction that uses Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology and history to create more than one exciting series. I love historical movies, dramas, comedies and documentaries. My hobbies are sewing, crafts, play writing,  collecting eclectic art, cooking and gluten-free baking. I like swimming, was a competitive swimmer as a kid and teen and have been a lifeguard and swim instructor. I am currently codifying all my sermons and Bible Studies so that I can publish them at a later date. In 2009 I wrote a two person one act play that I am currently editing, with the possibility of turning it in to a three act play,  I am planning to enter it in a Literary Art Festival in the Spring of 2013.  I love using drama in worship for special occasions and love readers theater and community theater.

Purpose: I decided to return to college, so that when we move to Oregon I have more career options.  I want to have the choice to be a special education teacher in public schools, private non-sectarian schools, and private faith-based schools. I chose Grand Canyon University because it is a Christian University offering the dual degree that I want. Obtaining this degree will allow me to pull together all of my education interests and enable me to obtain State certification as a teacher. Basically this degree is the piece of paper I need to prove I can do what I have been doing for nearly two decades, it will be my proof of personal and professional achievement. Spiritually I like the idea of a Christian University, often Universities are a hostile environment for and toward those holding a Christian worldview. I am considering opening a faith-based private school, in Oregon, specifically designed for children that have learning disabilities, behavioral problems as well as those who are gifted and talented using small classrooms and individualized education.

This Blog: This is going to be my outlet while I am on medical leave/sabbatical, a place to reach out, a place to think, a place to be me. And who knows it may be the springboard for an online Bible Study.


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